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Why I'm Running

 I am running for this position because our Moon Valley Court needs critical change. Our community has been one of the hardest hit by the homelessness crisis. As many of you know, the Justice Court handles evictions, and currently, people being evicted are left without access to essential resources provided by local nonprofits and state agencies. My goal is to change that. I want to ensure that those going through the eviction process are given the resources and tools they need to avoid ending up on the street, keeping our community safe for everyone. Voters should also know that I personally went through the eviction process early in the pandemic. As a single mom with two boys, I lost my job and faced the fear, embarrassment and confusion of not understanding why nothing was being done to help us. Thankfully, I managed to recover, but many others did not.I want this position to ensure our community has a champion who not only follows the law but does so with compassion.


This is our community, and we need to take care of it.

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